Subwoofer Upgrade

Not having done anything with our family room system in ages and keeping constant vigil on my catalog, I found the Dayton SA70 70W Subwoofer Amplifier on sale and decided it was upgrade time. I wasn’t sure about the hookup though so I sent a picture off to’s tech support and quickly got a response assuring me the amp would drive my sub when wired correctly which they explained how to do.

So I ordered up the amp and sat on the front porch waiting for it’s arrival. I didn’t have to wait long and as soon as it showed up I pulled the sub out of the system and took it down to the bench.

Out with the old: I met some resistance pulling the old crossover out and when I pulled the driver I found it was the xover’s wiring holding it back.

Like Norm always says ‘Measure Twice, (Calculate for hours,) Cut once’:

Cutting: I put this pic in just to show off  my sophisticated dust collection system:

Hooking up: I premade a parallel harness and soldered it to the driver directly and then just had to connect + and – to the amps disconnects.

Finished: Rockin the Family Room, new life breathed into the system!