My Guitars

2018 McCagg ’62 Duo Sonic (gift built by my brother)

2007 Spector ARC6 USA Custom (#26)

2012 Spector ARC6 Import (gift from my brother)


2016 Guild S100 (gift from my brother)

2015 Partscaster

1974 Gibson L6S (paint by Ronnie Cassella)

2012 Epiphone Casino (gift from my friend Jay Roses)


2017 Yamaha Broad Bass

1950 Gibson L-2 (gift from my friend Ray Haas)

1979 Takamine EF-340S (purchased from ‘That Music Store’)

2003 Johnson Dobro (a gift from my lovely wife Joni)

2014 Yamaha A3M (gift from Adam, Beth and Mandy)

2017 Yamaha C16 (gift from Adam, Beth, Mandy and Joni)

2012(?) Takamine G406S (gift from Adam, Beth, and Mandy)

2015 Epiphone Banjo (gift from my lovely wife Joni)

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