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Weather Station Zero

Demo Page Link –

Concept – Monitors the Temperature, Humidity, and Barometric Pressure out on our deck.

Parts – Uses a DHT11 for the temperature and humidity readings and a BMP280 for the barometric pressure. The MCU is an Adafruit Hazzah ESP8266.

Development Prototype
The Circuit

Finished Device:

Update 2019-10-23 – Redesigned using ESP8266 and BME280, complete software overhaul!

CozMcC Engineering Bus Sign

Demo Page Link


Reminiscent of the Netscape Engineering Bus Sign from back in the 90’s. The ESP8266 acts as a web server passing off the input text to the nano which displays it on the LED Matrix


  • Arduino Nano
  • MAX7219 LED Matrix Display Module
  • ESP8266 ESP01 Module
  • Active Piezo Buzzer



This is the ESP8266 System on a Chip

Early Trial Run