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Lesson 1

Introductions – each student to answer

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you (technologically)?
  • Where do you want to go?
We can use the input to help determine what projects to do for future lessons based on interests

What is an Arduino?

“Arduino is a very popular and easy to use programmable board for creating your own projects”
It’s anything you want it to be –

  • Digital
  • Analog
  • Input (Sensors)
  • Output

Arduino IDE

Installation and Introduction of IDE

The Blink Sketch

Introduction to Arduino program structure (setup and loop functions) and some basic c coding

Weather Station Zero

Demo Page Link –

Concept – Monitors the Temperature, Humidity, and Barometric Pressure out on our deck.

Parts – Uses a DHT11 for the temperature and humidity readings and a BMP280 for the barometric pressure. The MCU is an Adafruit Hazzah ESP8266.

Development Prototype
The Circuit

Finished Device:

1962 Duo Sonic – Only Better!

Custom Build by my brother Todd L. McCagg as my 2018 Brithday/Christmas present

My first guitar was a 1962 Fender Duo Sonic, my brother went to great lengths to not just reproduce that guitar that build it with the best modern hardware available.

  • Fender donor body
  • Warmoth Neck
  • Schaller Bridge
  • HipShot Tuners
  • Kent Armstrong Custom Wound Pickups
  • Switchcraft Switch and Jack
  • Bournes MIL Spec pots

Truly the sweetest guitar I have!


CozMcC Engineering Bus Sign

Demo Page Link


Reminiscent of the Netscape Engineering Bus Sign from back in the 90’s. The ESP8266 acts as a web server passing off the input text to the nano which displays it on the LED Matrix


  • Arduino Nano
  • MAX7219 LED Matrix Display Module
  • ESP8266 ESP01 Module
  • Active Piezo Buzzer


This is the ESP8266 System on a Chip

Early Trial Run